Five Romantic Valentines Day Gifts You Can Make at Home

Valentine’s Day is about expressing love, not spending money. A homemade gift can be much more unique and memorable than something purchased at a store. This article lists do-it-yourself Valentine’s gifts that carry personal meaning without costing a fortune.

Valentines Day Gifts

While everyone loves receiving a store-bought Valentine’s Day gift, the effort put into a homemade present can mean so much more. A quallity handmade gift is a deeply meaningful gesture that is as unique as the person who crafted it. Here are five do-it-youself Valentine’s Day presents that are guaranteed to show your flame how much you care.

1. Soaps with Sentimens

Glycerin soaps are easy to make at home, and their clarity makes them a perfect way to send a message. Simply spell out one or more words with small charm letters and sandwhich them between two halves of the soap as you make it. The message will easily show through the translucent soap. You can also add your choise of fragrances to make the final product even more sensual.

2. Hot Drink Cozies

Do-it-youself cozies are sure to please the coffee or tea drinker in your life. To make a cozy, fit a plece of fabric around a coffee cup or mason jar and sew it tightly. You can also skip the sewing by sealing the ends of the cozy together with fabric glue. Tea towels make cute cozies, of you can use a strip of plush fabric for extra softness.

3. Lip Balm

Make your sweetheart’s lips even sweeter by making them some lip balm. The process involves melting down ingredients like beeswax, honey, and butters. You can also add vitamins like vitamin E to protect the skin from damage. Make sure to include the recipient’s favorite flavors in the form of oils.

4. Origami Roses

Put a new spin on an old tradition with origami. Origami roses are fun and easy to make. With a bit of practice, making a bouquet of paper flowers is a breeze. Most craft stores sell plastic flower stems that can be used to complete the authentic look. Origami roses or real rose will also last longer than real flowers, allowing your special someone to enjoy them for years to come.

5. Homemade Fortune Cookies

Baking for someone is one of the best ways to show your affection for them. Homemade fortune cookies let you combine the power of baked goods with the romance of love letters. Instead of fortunes, write love notes on pieces of paper and put them in the finished cookies. There are many quick and easy fortune cookie recipes online, and most require just a few basic ingredients.