Italian Liqueurs: A Fine End to a Good Meal

If you enjoy liqueurs, consider trying those available from Italy. The experience is distinctive and gratifying. Whether flavored with almonds, lemons, hazelnuts, herbs, or coffee, the liqueurs will complement your lunch or dinner.

Italian wine and, increasingly, Italian beer are renowned. Italian liqueurs, however, are less well known. This is a pity because such liqueurs can bring a pleasant meal to a satisfying conclusion, especially when accompanied by a strong Italian coffee.

Italian Liqueurs A Fine End to a Good Meal

The following is a brief guide to the types of Italian liqueur you may wish to explore.


Macerated almonds provide the unique taste of amaretto. The nuttiness of the drink doesn’t appeal to all palates, but you’ll find that amaretto can provide a depth of flavor when mixed into cocktails.

As with other liqueurs, the recipes for amaretto vary, with some dating from the nineteenth century.


There are numerous limoncello brands.

These use lemons from across Southern Italy and from island such as Sicily.