TOP 4 Famous Vegans to Inspire You

An increasing number of people are adopting a vegan lifestyle every day. The reasons why are just as varied as the individuals themselves.

This article lists 4 athletes, performers, and activists as well as their reasons for going vegan to serve as inspiration for those people thinking about making the change to a cruelty-free diet.

4 Famous Vegans to Inspire You

The decision to switch to a plant-based diet is a big one, and it’s not one you should take lightly. People gave their reasons for making the change, whether it’s for health, environmental concerns, or a deep love for their animal friends.

If you’re considering making a move and are looking for some inspiration, here are a few celebrities who have made the transition to veganism and are using their already well-known voices to help promote a healthier, more ethical lifestyle.

1. Ellen Degeneres

The talk show host and comedian is a former meat-eater, but over the years has taken the time to educate herself on factory farming and animal welfare, prompting her to make a complete overhaul of her diet.

Ellen Degeneres

Degeneres has become an outspoken animal rights activist, and along with her wife, actress Portia de Rossi, the two have inspired many others to adopt a plant-based diet since their switch to veganism in 2008.

2. Joan Jett

An outspoken vegan and animal rights activist since the 1980s, Joan Jett says she was a “major carnivore” throughout her childhood.

However, her profound love for animals made her feel that eating meat was wrong, and after acquiring more information regarding factory farming and food production, the rock icon became a committed vegan. A restaurant in Durham, North Carolina, even named its veggie burger after the legendary singer.

3. Woody Harrelson

Beginning by nixing dairy from his diet due to lactose intolerance during his days as a young, struggling actor in New York, Woody Harrelson has become a vocal raw food and veganism advocate over the years.

Also a passionate environmentalist, Harrelson has invested in Sage, the world’s first organic/vegan pub and beer garden located in Culver City, California.

4. Peter Dinklage

Peter Dinklage

After living most of his life as a strict vegetarian, the Game of Thrones actor made the change to a plant-based diet due to his love for animals.

An ambassador for Cruelty-Free International, Peter Dinklage has also lent his recognizable voice to the video, Face Your Food, and has served as a spokesperson for Farm Sanctuary’s Walk for Farm Animals.